Meet the Founders!


Angie (Co-Founder) is a lifetime dog lover and has been working with shelter dogs since 2013. She has fostered dogs through multiple organizations, mostly pit bulls. Angie currently has 3 dogs of her own,Sawyer, Neiko, and Thena, who are all completely ridiculous in their own ways. She has a passion for pit bulls, especially those who have been let down by people and need a new start in life.

Chandra (Co-Founder) inherited a love of animals and a genetic need to save them all from her grandfather. Her early passion was horses and she spent many years trying to rescue horses that were deemed unsafe, dangerous, and had been mistreated. She has been involved with shelter dogs since 2015 when she rescued her first pit bull from euthanasia. She dived into the shelter and rescue world after that, working at the shelter and fostering dogs for another local rescue. She has a soft spot for the big squishy dogs, tiny puppies, and misunderstood sketchy dogs. She currently resides with her 2 rescue dogs, Pippa Polka Dog and Captain Jack Sparrow and one very understanding husband, Derek.

Meet the Board!

Katie (Board Member) has been caring for rescued animals since childhood, from taking in her first stray dog, to intercepting various farm animals from kill buyers at auction. She began volunteering at Indianapolis Animal Care Services in 2015 and since then has absolutely fallen in love with the “underdogs”- the dogs who are running out of time and options. She currently resides with a rescued English Mastiff and entirely too many community cats.

Brittney (Board Member) has had a love for “the strays” since before she can remember.  She learned it from her Mom who was always bringing home random dogs and cats who needed a good home. Brittney has fostered several dogs and worked with various animal welfare organizations since moving to Indianapolis in 2009. Brittney currently volunteers with FIDO, where she cleans and organizes carries and crates used for spay/neuter transports. Brittney lives with her dog-crazy husband, Greg, who always wants to be apart of her rescue endeavors. They have two goofy rescue boys, Dexter and Sawyer.


Karissa (Board Member) has had a passion for animal rescue since her first volunteer experience at a rural shelter in Pennsylvania and a passion for pits since she brought her first one home in 2010. Since then, she has adopted too many dogs and has been involved with various animal welfare organizations. She currently resides with her 5 bullies; Buster, Kado, Blu, Koda, and Tulsa.